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Our Doctor

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu has 26 years of experience in Hair Transplant Surgeries and founder of our clinic. Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu has various international qualifications from International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).There are only 4 doctors in Turkey who has these international qualifications all together.

Our Clinics

DrT Hair Transplant Clinics:
Istanbul and Cyprus

At DrT Hair Transplant Clinics, we have been offering hair transplant operations with our internationally certified and experienced doctors since 1998. DrT Hair Transplant Clinics Istanbul and Cyprus are boutique hair transplant clinics that offer only limited number of operations per day. We value quality over quantity, that is why our internationally certified doctors perform only 2 operations per day. DrT Hair Transplant Clinics offer the most advanced and newest hair transplant methods such as:

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Sapphire FUE

It is one of the most widespread methods. A hair transplant with Sapphire FUE method known to be very efficient and dense. The hair of the patient should be fully shaved in this method.

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DHI is the implantation of the hair grafts directly to the recipient area with Choi implanter pens. Only the donor area should be shaved for DHI method, so there is no need to fully shave one’s hair

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Long Hair FUE

Long Hair method is a special and newest hair transplant method. No part of the patient’s hair should be shaved in this method. Long hair fue eliminates all the disadvantages of classic fue operations.

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplants are an alternative hair transplant method that can offer a chance to patients with inadequate donor hairs. In this case, beard and chest hair grafts are also used along with hair grafts.

Before and After

Transformations of Some of Our Patients
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Hair Transplant Reviews

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A fantastic experience from start to finish. Dr Tayfun’s team is very professional. The 2 nights in Turkey were hassle free with a lovely hotel and all transfers taken care of. All questions I had prior to the surgery were answered immediately and now having had the surgery I am excited for the results. I cannot recommend DrT enough.
Nicholas S.
I sincerely appreciate the artistic and surgical skills of Dr Tayfun and the Nurses when I saw the post-surgery results of the implants. They did follow the standard best practice. Post-operative care was also commendable the next day visit, post-operative care presentation & kit, airport drop and consultation thereafter. I would strongly recommend Dr Tayfun for the great work they are doing for these many years and the expertise they carry.
Jerome John
I had a very problematic hairline because of an aggressive hair loss phase during my early 20s. I had 2 operations with Dr. Tayfun since he suggested that my hair cannot be restored with a single operation. After 2 operations, I had my hair back as he promised. I followed clinic’s post-op instructions very strictly as they repeatedly told me. They were also very attentive at the post-op follow-up, and I felt like they really care about their patients. I really recommend them!
George Williams
Die Online-Konsultation war sehr informativ. Sie beantworteten alle meine Fragen und erklärten mir das Verfahren. Wann ich in Istanbul ankam, war alles in Ordnung. Ich bekam meine Haartransplantation und bekomme mein Haar in etwa 13 Monaten zurück. Ich bin mit meinem neuen Look sehr zufrieden.
Ben B.
Everything was very well organised starting with the driver who picked me up from the airport, the accommodation and ultimately the surgery led by Dr. T and his team. I'd like to address special thanks to Nasimi and Stuart for excellent coordination and for providing clear instructions (pre- and post- op). Also Dr. T and his team were very friendly and caring.
Alle Vorbereitungen wurden vor meiner Ankunft in Istanbul getroffen. Ihr Fahrer holte mich ab und brachte mich zu ihrem Partnerhotel. Das Hotel war ein schönes 5-Sterne-Hotel. Die Klinik war sehr modern, und der Arzt war nett. Der Arzt war sehr geduldig mit mir, ich war ein bisschen nervös, sogar bei der persönlichen Beratung mit ihm. Er nahm sich die Zeit, mich zu beruhigen. Ich kann ihn wirklich empfehlen.
Tobias S.
The online consultation with the Dr via patient coordinators was very informative. They provided all the information about my case and Dr’s recommendations. My patient coordinator was always with me at the clinic and took care of everything. Really a complete service.
Keith O.
Great team. Absolutely Professional and knowledgeable clinic. I am extremely satisfied with my hair transplant. Totally recommend Dr. Tayfun.
Martin R.
The doctor and the team were very attentive. All of my questions were answered before the operation and the transfer and accommodation was arranged for me before my trip. I did not need to plan anything but the flights.
Jonas K.

International Reviews of
DrT Clinics

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DrT Hair Transplant clinic was established in 1998, and it has been in the field of hair transplantation ever since. DrT Hair Transplant Clinic expanded its medical services beyond Istanbul, Turkey into Kyrenia, Cyprus in 2016. 


DrT Hair Turkey Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey

DrT Hair Cyprus Clinic
Kyrenia, Cyprus

Consultation Office Germany
Munich, Bavaria, Germany